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As predicted in Part 6 of the Domain Name Goldrush Series, the WLS has been given the go-ahead! After a long delay, ICANN recently approved the introduction of VeriSign’s "Wait Listing Service" (WLS).

正如域名Goldrush系列的第6部分中所预测的那样,WLS已获得批准 ! 经过长时间的延迟, ICANN最近批准了引入 VeriSign的“等待列表服务”(WLS)。

For those of you who aren’t familiar with WLS, it’s a registry-level, first-come first-served subscription service for the automatic registration of deleted domain names. It is largely based on SnapName’s successful SnapBack(TM) backordering system, and indeed, VeriSign has partnered with SnapNames to design and produce the WLS system.

对于不熟悉WLS的您来说,这是一个注册表级的,先到先服务的订阅服务,用于自动注册已删除的域名。 它主要基于SnapName成功的SnapBack(TM)补购系统,确实,VeriSign已与SnapNames合作设计和生产WLS系统。

Once WLS launches, any deleting .com or .net domain name (.org names will not be included) that has a WLS order on it will no longer be "fought over" by ICANN registrars and the various name grabbing services. Instead, it will automatically be allocated to the WLS position holder for that name.

一旦启动WLS,任何带有WLS订单的正在删除的.com或.net域名(将不包括.org名称)将不再由ICANN注册服务商和各种名称获取服务“争夺”。 相反,它将自动分配给该名称的WLS职位持有者。

In other words, the days of name-grabbing by registrars will be over for some names, replaced by a first-come first-served back ordering system. Names will only ever drop if they haven’t already been subscribed to.

换句话说,注册服务商抢夺某些域名的日子将结束,取而代之的是先来先服务的先后订购系统。 名称只有在尚未订阅的情况下才会删除。

So when will this new system be implemented There’s no clear answer to that question yet. As one of the conditions of their approval the system, ICANN specified that:

那么什么时候可以实施这个新系统呢? 这个问题尚无明确答案。 作为批准该系统的条件之一,ICANN指定:

Subscriptions under the WLS in the .com and .net top-level domains shall not be taken by VeriSign Global Registry Services until at least six months have elapsed after implementation of the Redemption Grace Period for all deleted names in those top-level domains.


Since the "Redemption Grace Period" has not yet been implemented, it seems that we are still many months away from the launch of WLS.


Other conditions attached by ICANN are also of interest. In particular:

ICANN附带的其他条件也很重要。 特别是:

No preference in connection with, or exclusion from, WLS shall be given because of any registrar-level reservation service.


This means that SnapBack subscriptions won’t automatically be converted by the Registry into WLS subscriptions on the same name. However, SnapNames and its registrar partners intend to convert SnapBacks to WLS orders.

这意味着SnapBack订阅不会被注册表自动转换为相同名称的WLS订阅。 但是,SnapNames及其注册合作伙伴打算将SnapBacks转换为WLS订单。

In other words, your SnapBack subscriptions will not become obsolete once WLS is launched. The minimum guarantee SnapNames has given is that they will convert each and every SnapBack order into a WLS subscription without charge. They’ll try for the name on which you had the SnapBack, and if that isn’t available, you’ll be able to select a different name — just like today’s exchange guarantee.

换句话说,一旦启动WLS,您的SnapBack订阅将不会过时。 SnapNames给出的最低保证是,它们将把每个SnapBack订单免费转换为WLS订阅。 他们将尝试使用您具有SnapBack的名称,如果该名称不可用,则您可以选择其他名称-就像今天的交换保证一样。

It should be noted that WLS has only been approved on a 12-month trial basis. However, given the changes required by the registry, registrars, and the consumer in converting to WLS, as well as the momentum the system will inevitably build, you don’t have to be a genius to work out that WLS is likely to be with us for a long time to come.

应当指出的是,WLS仅在12个月的试用期内获得批准。 但是,考虑到注册管理机构,注册服务商和使用者在转换为WLS时需要进行的更改,以及系统不可避免地会建立的势头,您不必天才就能确定WLS可能与我们很长一段时间来。

While many domain speculators, who have based their business models on the infinite intricacies of name grabbing during domain drops, are up in arms about WLS, most consumers will find it a more straightforward, fair and accessible system. They’ll know that in the future, if they subscribe to a particular domain name and the previous owner doesn’t renew, they will get the name. It doesn’t get much fairer than that.

尽管许多域名投机者基于其在域名掉落期间获取域名的无限复杂性而建立了自己的商业模型,但他们对WLS持械态度,但大多数消费者会发现它是一个更加简单,公平和可访问的系统。 他们会知道,如果将来他们订阅特定的域名并且以前的所有者不续订,他们将获得该名称。 没有比这更公平的了。

As someone who has spent countless hours trying to explain to bewildered customers how the current domain drop system works, I, for one, look forward to this new more consumer-friendly system.


Bring on the brave new expiring domains world!


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